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Restorative Justice Documentary

Talweg Production, a French independent film production company, is producing a documentary titled “Restorative Justice: Another Way”  The organization has organized a kickstarter campaign to help fund the documentary.  To view the campaign information or to see the documentary trailer, please click here.

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  •  : The Sacred Relationship is a research, film and educational project that explores how reconciling the relationship between Indigenous people and the rest of Canada can protect our water.
  • : Access the largest FREE E-Library on restorative justice with articles, training material, books, legislation and policy documents from around the world.
  • : The mission of the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice is to provide a professional association for educators and practitioners and others interested in restorative and community justice.  The primary means to fulfill this mission are the bi-annual National Conference on Restorative Justice and a membership