Videos and DVDs

DVD: Restorative Practice in the Classroom with Moana Brown

Teacher/educator Moana Brown focuses on the experiences of Maori students and their families and the effects that restorative practices has had on their ability to engage in a process that is fair, equitable and empowering. Moana shares practices that invite students to make more conscious choices and the roles parents, teachers and the community can play in generating more possibilities in their learning community. DVD 45 min.

Five YouTube productions from the Second Annual International Conference on Restorative Practices

Elder George Isbister (30min)

Defining Restorative Justice (20min)

Awkward Conversations on the Contested Community (6min)

Working Across Silos: A Families, Schools, Police and Community Partnership (2min)

Unexpected Peace: Victim Story on Restorative Justice

This video details the story of a 19 yr old woman who took 17 years to come full circle to be free from anger, bitterness and vengeance to inner peace after her father had been axed to death by a young neighbour. Youtube has many more restorative justice videos as well.