The Alberta Restorative Justice Association is proudly hosting the 15th annual  Alberta Restorative Justice Conference on
Nov. 18-19, 2021; on the international stage through the use of a virtual platform. This year’s conference will continue the tradition of providing thought provoking and challenging discussions on topics related to the transformative potential of restorative justice in communities.

This year’s theme is Community Reconnection. Restorative justice is constantly evolving and improving how the world deals with harm, conflict and the mending of broken relationships. Over the past year in dealing with COVID-19, our communities have faced mental, emotional, and relational restrictions alongside the physical ones. As the world emerges from the pandemic, society will have to relearn what it is like to work together, live together and generally be a community as we return to a new normal. This conference seeks to address the relational shifts that have occurred as a result of the pandemic, the restrictions, and the mental and emotional stresses that people have experienced.


This year’s conference will offer five streams to better serve the participants:

  1. Introduction to Restorative Justice

    • This stream is dedicated to attendees who are unfamiliar with or new to the practice of Restorative Justice. Presentations should reflect basic practices, foundational principles and common RJ language, introductory concepts, etc. 

  2. Trauma Informed 

    • This stream focuses how practitioners should acknowledge a trauma-informed approach to RJ practice. 

  3. Advanced/Academic & Research

    • This stream is directed to more advanced practitioners and facilitators who want to dive into a deeper understanding of their practice and approach. This includes any academic or research sharing presentations.

  4. RJ in Education 

    • This stream concentrates on how Restorative Practices can be used in the school system. 

  5. Law Enforcement and Restorative Justice

    • This stream concentrates on the relationship between law enforcement and RJ practitioners and organizations. 


This list is not exhaustive. All ideas that might examine restorative justice in the context of Community Reconnection are welcome and will be duly considered.


Presentation Details & Commitment

  • Presentations will be virtual and hosted on our event platform.

  • Presentations will be webinar style.

    • Presenters will be unable to see the participants, but they will be able to interact via Q&A and polls.

  • Presentations will last 60 Minutes.

  • Presentations will take place in Mountain Time.

    • While presenters can be from anywhere in the world, time of presentation will accommodate Mountain Time Zone.

  • Presentations will have a Maximum of 4 presenters

  • Successful Presentations will be required to take part in a one-hour tech rehearsal prior to the conference.


Submission Details:

  • Completed forms must be submitted by June 30, 2021.

  • Submissions will be reviewed and selected with an eye to diversity in regard to topics and kinds of presentations, expertise, relevance and tools that can be applied to the practice of restorative justice.

  • Applicants will be informed of the planning committee’s decision by July 24, 2020.

  • Presenters will receive:

    • One free registration per presentation

    • Recording of their presentation

    • Participant feedback/survey results

Virtual Experience & Capabilities

I understand that my presentation should be tailored to a virtual context, encouraging engagement with participants, etc.


With the conference being virtual, it is important that our presenters are equipped to provide their presentation.

  • Internet Connection

    • I have access to a stable, high speed internet connection (either at home or at work)

  • Video/Audio Equipment

    • I have access to a webcam and microphone for the presentation.

If you are having issues submitting your workshop via the form below, please feel free to send your workshop submission via Word Document to