The Alberta Restorative Justice Association is proudly hosting the 14th annual  Alberta Restorative Justice Conference on
Nov. 19-20, 2020; on the international stage through the use of a virtual platform. This year’s conference will continue the tradition of providing thought provoking and challenging discussions on topics related to the transformative potential of restorative justice in communities.

If you are an organization, please be prepared to explain how your work relates/supports restorative justice 

If you are a vendor, please be prepared to explain how your products support your community or promotes your culture


Cost: $50 per booth

Once an applicant has been approved, they will be invoiced for the cost of the booth. 

After payment is received, access your booth would be granted.


Booth Benefits/Details

  • Attendees will be able to explore the exhibitors booths throughout the whole conference 

  • You will be able to customize their virtual space with logos, banners, videos, website links and the ability to chat with those visiting. 

  • Booths can have multiple assigned representatives that can chat with attendees and edit the space. We recommend each booth should have at least one person signed into the booth throughout the conference to take attendee questions, etc. 

  • Host Q & A sessions or a presentation

  • Offer draws or give aways as a way to collect leads

  • Have a rotating advertisement throughout the conference

Please note:

  • An Exhibitor does not have access to the rest of the conference, conference registration would have to be purchased separately.

If you are having issues submitting your workshop via the form below, please feel free to send your apllication via Word Document to info@arja.ca