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Reviewing CV

RJ Practitioners and Community Organizations in Alberta:

Individuals Can Submit Application and Resume To

The Restorative Justice Division of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is pleased to announce that we are seeking RJ practitioners/facilitators in the province of Alberta for potential training and/or mentoring opportunities in victim-offender mediation in serious crime as provided by CSC’s Restorative Opportunities program. We invite existing community-based restorative justice facilitators who wish to gain additional skills in order to work with cases of serious crime. We are hoping to put a virtual training focusing on this area of work that would be available to selected candidates and may offer mentoring opportunities to work with our existing complement of RO mediators in Alberta.


Primary consideration will be given to candidates with prior training and experience in victim-offender mediation, facilitated dialogue, conferencing, or other applied restorative justice processes, as well as victimology and trauma training. In order to apply, we ask that candidates complete the application form and provide their updated CV and contact information. We would like to receive candidates’applications by April 30, 2024 at CSC is currently accepting applications from Alberta only.


Please note that persons invited to participate in the virtual training and/or mentorship may have their practical skills assessed. Training may include a visit to an institution to assess participants’ comfort level in a correctional setting. Assessments will be used to determine whether the candidates demonstrate the skills required to work in the area of victim-offender mediation addressing serious crime through the Restorative Opportunities (RO) program of the CSC. The names of the successful candidates will contacted to address more immediate RO program needs and will also populate a pool in order to address any future RO needs. Completion of this training does not guarantee any form of employment with CSC, nor does it guarantee inclusion in the pool of candidates created to meet the specific needs of the RO program. All candidates will be provided with training and/or mentorship feedback.


Candidates included in the pool may be hired as RO Mediators if there is an identified need to maintain service levels. New RO Mediators may be required to co-mediate on a voluntary basis with an experienced RO Mediator until it is determined that they are ready to be assigned cases individually. Please note, RO Mediators are hired annually as casual workers and work on an “as needed” basis. On average, an RO Mediator is compensated approximately $57.80/hour and travel costs are paid by CSC as per Treasury Board Secretariat and departmental policy.

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