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Fundamental Knowledge for RJ Facilitators

FREE for ARJA Members

The Fundamental Knowledge for Restorative Justice Facilitators course provides an overview of five topics through on-line modules for those interested in Restorative Justice facilitation:


  1. Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  2. Trauma Informed Approach to Restorative Justice Practice

  3. The Root Causes of Crime

  4. Cultural Sensitivity in Restorative Justice Practice

  5. Alberta Criminal Court Services

Learners/Facilitators may complete individual modules, or all five modules at their own pace (approximately 5 hours). References at the end of each module enable Learners/Facilitators to access additional materials to increase their knowledge on the topic. The modules serve as an introduction to the topic and invite Learners/Facilitators to further explore RJ principles and values, Indigenous foundations, minimum standard requirements for RJ Facilitators, Best Practice Guidelines, and training in a specific RJ Process.

This course is available to individuals with current ARJA membership

How to access the course: 

  1. Make sure your ARJA membership is up to date 

  2. Request access to our Membership Portal on our website
    This may take 3 - 5 business days to approve as we confirm your membership

    Once approved, you will have full access to our membership portal and the course!  


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