Nominations for the 8th annual recipient of the George Brertton Award are now open! 

The annual George Brertton Award was created to recognize Albertans who have made an impact in their community through Restorative Justice. 

If you know an Albertan who...

  1. Models restorative justice practices

  2. Fosters healthy relationships in communities or among individuals.

  3. Creates opportunities to repair harm in communities through restoring relationships.

  4. Acts as a mentor, teacher or leader in the restorative justice field

Take a few minutes to recognize them by nominating them for this award. 

George Brertton

A True Restorative Spirit

George spoke at the first ever Alberta Restorative Justice Conference in 2007 where he revealed his winding journey from the debilitating experiences of life in a residential school to a person of forgiveness and integrity.

George was an instructor at Blue Quills First Nation College, a Member of the Board at Native Counselling Services of Alberta and a passionate advocate for Family Group Conferencing in North Eastern Alberta.

As a survivor of the Indian Residential School system, George was a tireless supporter of many First Nations families navigating the child welfare system. George brought a traditional approach to healing and always maintained that families need put their differences aside for the best interest of children

Read the transcript from George's heartfelt address in 2007

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7th Annual George Brertton Award Recipient


Shirley not only generously shared her time and knowledge, but often lead the way to the necessary steps to create lasting change for the community. One of these initiatives was the development of Fairview & Area Well Community Association.  This umbrella organization was set up to help small community groups address some of the concerns related to the safety and wellness of community members.  Within this agency Shirley turned her talents to the formation of a restorative justice program known as Fairview Community Restorative Justice. Shirley set up the structures of this program, wrote grants for funding and reached out to engage the support of many community agencies. She worked tirelessly with the Fairview RCMP detachment to see that this program would be a success. Not only was Shirley also a mentor to so many young people, she actively sought out volunteers for the Fairview Community Restorative Justice program and saw that they were trained and mentored.  Shirley has also sat on a number of  Boards in the Fairview area such as FCSS Board of Directors, Link Youth Centre Board, Fairview Drug Awareness Coalition and North West Peace Adult Learning Council to name but a few. She remains a champion for this important work after inspiring and supporting so many people to create such meaningful change alongside her.