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About Us


Our vision

Restorative Justice processes are valued and accessible to all communities in Alberta.

Our mission

Promote and support restorative justice processes through leadership, establishing positive relationships, and development of best practices with provincial and community partners.

How does Alberta Restorative Justice Association (ARJA) achieve its mission?

ARJA collaborates with government departments, the private sector and community groups across the province to raise awareness and understanding of restorative justice practices. This results in:

  • Information, training and education activities

  • Yearly conferences

  • Newsletters

  • ARJA’s website

  • Assistance in developing new programs

Alberta Restorative Justice Association (ARJA) is composed of organizations and individuals dedicated to increasing understanding of restorative justice and how it can benefit communities. ARJA encourages community action that strengthens existing restorative justice programs and encourages the development of new restorative justice programs in communities in Alberta.

ARJA (The Provincial Association) holds the following values:
Transparency – The Association is open and honest is all its communications
Leadership – The Association provides a vision for restorative justice in Alberta and takes an active role in advocating for restorative justice
Proactive – The Association anticipates and values the resources and education needed for restorative justice and provides leadership
Collective action – The Association recognizes and values the need to work together to achieve its mission and goals
Accountability – The Association members will hold each other accountable to these principles


Our Beliefs
We believe that a Restorative Justice process changes the manner in which people deal with crime and conflict to a positive and transforming process for the community.
The Provincial Association believes that the best way for members to make positive changes for their own involvement with Restorative Justice and for the community is a collective voice through an organization.

The Provincial Association believes that Restorative Justice is a continuum of services that involve the victim, offender and the community and incorporates the principles of respect, inclusiveness, accountability, reparation, restoration, and community involvement.

“Connecting our circles of responsibility for community.”

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