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Connecting our circles of responsibility for community.

Alberta Restorative Justice Association (ARJA) is composed of organizations and individuals dedicated to increasing understanding of restorative justice and how it can benefit communities. ARJA encourages community action that strengthens existing restorative justice programs and encourages the development of new restorative justice programs in communities in Alberta.

ARJA seeks to make resources, materials and information related to the field of restorative justice available to all areas of Alberta.

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Restorative Justice is an approach focused on repairing harm when a wrongdoing or injustice occurs in a community. Depending on the process or technique used, restorative justice involves the victim, the offender, their social networks, justice agencies, and the community.

Above all, restorative justice is an invitation to join in conversation so that we may support and learn from each other. It is a reminder that all of us are indeed interconnected.


(Howard Zehr,The Little Book of Restorative Justice, p. 63.)




ALBERTA RESTORATIVE JUSTICE ASSOCIATION works to educate and assist RJ organizations within the province to assist in furthering the reach of Restorative Justice. ARJA is constantly working on creating more resources such as documents, presentations, etc. 

1 hr Restorative Justice presentation for organizations, schools, groups and businesses who want to learn more about what Restorative Justice is and what Restorative Justice can look like in their community. 

The Guide to Developing a Restorative Justice Program is a great resource to both current and budding RJ organizations to assist in setting up an efficient and effective.

Serving Crime Victims through Restorative Justice Guide is a resource guide for leaders and practitioners addressing victims and restorative justice

Alberta Framework for the Practice of Restorative Justice in Criminal Matters was created and is intended as a resource to support the practice of Restorative Justice in Criminal Matters in Alberta.





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